Takefu Knife Village

Takefu Knife Village is located in Echizen, Fukui Prefecture, Japan. Known for their 700-year-old tradition of exceptional handcrafted knives, each knife is handforged and crafted by extremely skilled blacksmiths using traditional techniques. Each Takefu blacksmith and craftsman has their own unique specialization, and every knife is named after the blacksmith that crafted it.

The history of Takefu Knife Village began 700 years ago, when a sword craftsman from Kyoto was searching for water that annealed excellent swords. During his journey, this craftsman stayed in Takefu, Echizen, and while there, created swords and sickles. Thanks to this craftsman and his skills, Takefu became the largest producer of agricultural tools in Japan, and were sought after throughout the country. Today, Takefu Knife Village is the equivalent for Japanese knives, what Solingen, Germany is to European knives.

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