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Wüsthof Classic Knives

 The Classic series from Wüsthof Knives has been a staple in any discerning chef’s tool collection for generations. It began its humble life as Wüsthof’s premium knife line: a wood handled, triple riveted, traditionally forged knife, using good quality carbon steel. From there, however, Wüsthof’s drive for innovation took over. Wood, which had a tendency to crack and splinter over the years, was replaced by POM (Polyoxymethylene), a thermoplastic that exhibits excellent resistance to heavy use, even dishwashers. The triple rivet design, upon first glance, has stayed the same. However, it has been upgraded using higher quality materials for the rivets, providing reliable use for generations to come. 

Hand forging was replaced by precision forging, a technology that surpasses traditional methods in terms of steel purity, quality control, and edge holding abilities. In addition, the old rust-prone carbon steel was replaced with a high carbon stainless steel alloy, exhibiting excellent edge retention, while adding a resistance to rust. Lastly, most of Wüsthof’s premium lines now feature the new PEtech™ edge, which offers the razor sharpness of Japanese blades, with the traditional German convenience of ease of maintenance on a sharpening steel for an edge that will last for years.

In short, Wüsthof’s Classic Knives series, although classic in look, is nothing short of ultra-modern in its innovation, performance, and reliability.

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