Smokin BBQ Salmon Gift Pack (2075)

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The Smokin' BBQ Salmon Gift Pack is the ultimate way to spice up your salmon. This pack gives you a fair few options and flavours when it comes to grilling, smoking, and baking, picked to pair perfectly with your salmon. Makes a great gift for Father's Day, Christmas, or as a hosting gift.

Includes the following:

  • 2 Grilling Planks (Cedar) - Soak these interlocking planks in warm liquid for 1 hour, towel dry, and brush the cooking side with olive oil. Place salmon directly on the plank and move onto direct heat for 1-2 minutes until it food begins to smolder, then move to indirect heat until cooking is done. This infuses your salmon with a rich, woodsy, delicious flavour.

  • 2 Drop, Soak, & Smokes (Hickory) - These hickory wood chips are packaged tightly together, and make a great addition to any camping trip or grilling excursion. Drop into 1 - 1.5 cups of your favourite liquid for about 90 seconds, and watch as the chips blossom and fill the bottom of the bowl. Put directly on the grill to smoke for a rich, robust flavour.

  • 1 Smoke Bomb (Alder) - This smoke bomb contains natural alder wood chips. To create a smoke, drop this bomb in a cup of your favourite hot liquid, then place directly on the hot coals or right in the flames. If placing directly in flames or in a gas grill, wrap the bomb in tinfoil first and poke/slice a small slit through the foil and fabric. Enjoy the rich woodsy taste that ensues.

  • 1 Pack of Cedar Wraps - 6pc (Apple flavour) - These cedar wraps don't require any soaking, just a light spray of your favour liquid. Wrap them around your pieces of salmon, then tie them up, and let them cook inside. The meat inside will infuse with a lovely sweet cedar flavour. Let your guests unwrap their meals for a gourmet experience.




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