Victorinox Swiss Army Replica 1897 Limited Edition Pocket Knife (0.1897.J22)

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125 years ago, Karl Elsener didn’t just invent the Swiss Army Knife – he invented an attitude.  Swiss Army are celebrating the 125th anniversary of this icon with a limited edition replica of the 1897 original. To honor the past, to look towards the future, for the next generation. And in anticipation of all that’s possible in the next 125 years.​​​​​​​​​​​

The Swiss Army pocket knife has inspired millions of people to answer the call for adventures both large and small. To discover and live in nature, to fix things themselves, to create art and everyday objects. And Karl Elsener continues to inspire all kinds of people, all around the globe. Because he invented more than a knife – he invented an attitude towards life. 

The Replica 1897 Limited Edition is the re-creation of the original Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife which comes in a gorgeous “time capsule” box in Victorinox red. It’s a one-of-a-kind collectible that includes the details and style of the historical version, enhanced by today’s state-of-the-art technology. There have only been 9.999 pieces produced. 

The replica’s development began with a search through the Swiss Army archive for the specifications of the first Officer’s and Sports Knife. They applied today’s production process for individual parts to increase precision. But the final assembly was done by hand, just like in 1897. The result is refined and more elegant.

The Original Officer’s and Sports Knife

6 tools, 18 components
With a long blade, short blade/file, screwdriver, awl, can-opener and corkscrew, the original was put together from 18 components.

Because our iconic emblem was not introduced until 1909, the Original Officer`s and Sports Knife did not include the typical Victorinox trademark on its scales.

The original was made of carbon steel, because we did not start using stainless steel until 1921. Before that, it was too expensive to procure and difficult to machine.


The Replica 1897 Limited Edition

6 tools, 18 components
Today’s model has the same number of functions and its tools work the same as the original – although we’ve improved the safety of the springs for opening and closing.

T​​oday’s scales are also made of vulcanized fiber and we’ve left off the Cross&Shield for a true look that reflects the original.

We have used stainless steel for the blades of our knives since 1922. And to make sure your Replica 1897 will last you a lifetime, we have of course made its blades with stainless steel as well.
The Replica 1897 tells the story of constant refinement over 125 years in one single, elegant product. It embodies all the technical improvements and optimized production methods that have been made over the last 125 years. The result is a beautiful historic look combined with state-of-the-art functionality.

Features and Specifications

Swiss Stainless Steel
Handle Material:
Vulcanized Fiber
15 mm
91 mm
Tool Count Range:
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