Knives dull with use when they encounter hard surfaces over and over (like your cutting board). The steel at the edge of your knife is so thin, that when it hits a hard surface, it starts to curl over. That’s what dulls your knife!

To keep your edges sharp, make sure to hone your knives often. Honing with a honing steel won’t sharpen your knife, but it will realign that curled-over edge, and bring it back to sharpness.

When honing no longer keeps your knife razor-sharp, it’s time for a sharpening. Choose from a variety of sharpeners, like whetstones, pull-through sharpeners, electric sharpeners, guided sharpeners, belt sharpeners, pocket sharpeners, sharpening kits, and more. There’s an option for everyone’s skill level, budget, and schedule.

We carry only the best brands and sharpening tools available, from Chef’s Choice, EdgeLogix, Fischer Steels, Shun, Spyderco, Work Sharp, Wusthof, and Zwilling J.A. Henckels.

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