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Knife Sharpening Service In-Store



Most of us have heard the saying: A sharp knife is a safe knife. A sharp knife not only cuts more efficiently, but it's also safer because most knife accidents occur when trying to force a dull knife through tough food. At House of Knives, we want you to keep your edge. We sell sharpening devices for all comfort and skill levels, and we have trained staff members dedicated to teaching you how to keep your knives sharp. For those of you who prefer to have your knives re-edged professionally, House of Knives offers a quality sharpening service at each of our Store locations.
  1. We understand knives because we sell the products we sharpen!
  2. We use premium, specially-designed sharpening equipment that removes a minimal amount of steel.
  3. We won't de-temper your blades, so your edges will last longer.
  4. We offer in-store service for most knives and an external service for scissors, most serrations, etc.
  5. We can fix most damaged blades and offer re-tipping, bolster grinding, and chip repair.
  6. We have experienced staff members who will teach you how to maintain your knives between sharpenings.
  7. We offer a free sharpening coupon with nearly every knife or scissor we sell.
  8. We continuously research and test new sharpening equipment to upgrade our service.
  9. We take the utmost care with your knives when we handle them.
  10. We guarantee our work—if you're not happy, we'll make it right!
For more information, bring your knives to your nearest House of Knives location and one of our experienced staff members will help you decide whether your knives require a professional re-edging, or teach you how to maintain them in the comfort of your own home. Either way, we'll help you keep your edge.


  Blades 5" and under
$7.00 EA  
  Blades over 5"
$9.00 EA  
  Bread Knives (de-burring only)
  $10.00 EA  
  Folding & Fixed Sporting Blades
$10.00 EA  


$8.00 EA  
  Garden Shears, etc.
$10.00 EA  


  4 or more knives or scissors
$6.00 EA  

(Excluding repairs, gardening shears and specialty items).


  Bolster Grinding
  Chip Repair
  Tip Repair
Pricing for repairs as shown above are guidelines only and are subject to change depending on amount of work required. All repairs include sharpening.


If you have something special that you need sharpened, simply ask one of our in-store knife experts for a quote. Ask any House of Knives associate for a quotation.

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