Industry Discounts

Customers who work or go to school in the culinary industry, who work as first responders, or who work in the Canadian Armed Forces can enjoy a 10-20% discount off our regular prices on items that pertain to their profession:

  • Culinary: discounts on Kitchen knives, sets, bags, gadgets, and electric* or manual sharpeners
  • First Responders & Military: discounts on Sporting, Multi-tools*, Outdoor, and electric* or manual sharpeners

This Industry Discount is available to those who can prove their involvement in their industry by submitting proof of enrollment, proof of employment, or a military or police ID number. Please complete the below form.

*Electronics, all Wusthof products, and multi-tools qualify for 10% off the regular price. All other specified items qualify for 20% off the regular price.

Accepted Proof of Enrollment or Employment

A photograph of your:

  • Current registration in a culinary program
  • Acceptance letter into a culinary program
  • Recent pay stub (please block out your earnings only)
  • Current employee identification card
  • Canadian Forces Service Number or Military ID Card Number (active or veteran)

Terms & Conditions

*Industry discount is taken off the regular price, not the sale price.

*Industry professionals will receive discounts on items that pertain to their profession only:

  • Culinary: discounts on kitchen knives, sets, gadgets, and electric or manual sharpeners
  • First Responders and Military: discounts on sporting and outdoor items, and electric or manual sharpeners

*House of Knives must be able to verify your involvement in the industry. If we cannot verify your involvement, we reserve the right to not give a discount.

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