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A shave brush is vital to creating a rich, protective lather when wet shaving. Our shave brushes use badger hair for its incredible water-absorption abilities that create a thick and luxurious lather. Badger brushes come in different grades that use hair from different parts of the badger, and we also carry synthetic brushes.

  • Mixed Badger Brushes are the most affordable, using hair from all over the badger. Stiff but soft, they are excellent at exfoliating and quickly whipping up a lather.
  • Pure Badger Brushes use a higher grade of hair than Mixed, also taken from all over the badger. Softer than Mixed, they excel at lathering harder soaps.
  • Best Badger Brushes use hair harvested from larger areas of the badger that is softer and finer. It is a soft and pliable brush, great for both soaps and creams.
  • Silvertip Brushes use the softest, finest, and scarcest hairs from the neck of the badger. This is the highest grade of badger brush. It is extremely soft, and has a distinctively luxurious quality to its lather and its feel against the skin.
  • Synthetic brushes do not use animal hair. They are soft, stiff, and create creamy lathers, but do not have the water-absorption abilities that badger brushes do. 

Brushes must always be washed and dried after use to avoid hygienic concerns and extend the life of your brush. Best when hung in a stand.

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