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What is the best knife sharpener for you? Every household should have a honing steel and a knife sharpener to maintain your edge and keep good care of your knives. Choose from knife sharpener categories such as a honing steel, a pull-through knife sharpener, a pocket sharpener, an electric knife sharpener, and whetstones. 

  • Honing steels keep a sharp knife from becoming dull, but they don't actually sharpen your knives. Use a honing steel on your knives after every 2-4 uses.
  • A pull-through knife sharpener is a great economic and easy-to-use option that puts a quick edge on your knives.
  • A pocket sharpener can put a quick edge on your knife in the field. Use with a proper sharpener for best results.
  • An electric knife sharpener, guided sharpening system, or sharpening kit is easy and fast to use. These will provide a professional sharpening, without being a professional!
  • Whetstones are the oldest and best method of sharpening and will create the sharpest edge, but will take lots of practice and skill to do well.

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