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BandEdge Rebates and Coupons

Edge Points Rebate Coupon

Every year on your BandEdge anniversary month, which is the month you joined the Program (or when you claimed your account as the case may be), you’ll receive a rebate coupon equal to what your Edge Points balance is worth in store credit. You’ll be able to use this coupon in store or online, and it will be emailed to the email address listed on your account. 

Your rebate coupon is a one-time use credit and is non-transferrable. That means that it only works for you. The coupon must be used in its entirety, and it is applied to your purchase after taxes. There is no cash or refund value, and it can only be used on merchandise. Your rebate coupon expires 180 days from the date of issue (about 6 months).

Points Tiers and Bonus Coupons

If you reach certain Points Tiers by your BandEdge anniversary month, you’ll receive a bonus coupon along with your yearly rebate coupon!

Points Tiers are currently set at 5000, 10000, and 20000 points. See below for a quick guide on Points Tiers and qualifying bonus coupons:

Your Points Balance

Points Tier Reached?

Bonus Coupons Awarded



No bonus coupon



+ Bonus coupon for $5



+ Bonus coupon for $25



+ Bonus coupon for $75


Bonus Coupons do not stack; only one bonus coupon is issued based on your Edge Points balance at the end of the year. They are issued to the account holder only and are non-transferrable. Bonus Coupons apply to your invoice total before taxes, and expire after 30 days from the date of issue.


Issuing yourself vouchers

If you have a high amount of points in your balance at any given time, chances are you can issue yourself a voucher to use on purchases instead of hanging on to your points all year. However, if you do issue yourself a voucher and use up the points from your balance, you will lessen what you get back in your year-end rebate coupon and, if your year-end balance doesn’t reach any points tiers, you won’t receive any bonus coupons.

Your rebate coupons and bonus coupons depend on how many points you have in your balance at the end of the year—it is not calculated on how many points you earned throughout the year, just how many you have at the time. So if you want to get an awesome year-end rebate coupon and receive the highest bonus coupon available, try to save up your points and not use them throughout the year!

Or, if you don’t mind not getting bonuses and want to use your points throughout the year, you can issue yourself vouchers by logging into the BandEdge Membership Portal, signing in, and clicking on “Get Vouchers.” Choose which vouchers and how many you want from here, but remember, only you can use them and they expire after 30 days.

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