Taking over 60 steps to complete each knife, Kori Artisan knives are handcrafted to be the embodiment of precision, craftsmanship, and stark beauty. The name Kori represents ice, with the Artisan line harnessing the raw power of this natural element. As keen as a frozen shard, every Artisan knife is hand sharpened to a razor-like 13° per side, with a wide blade that offers superior knuckle clearance. The cutting core is Japanese VG10 super steel, surrounded by 36 layers of Damascus cladding, which is then finished in a traditional hammered style. Each Artisan knife features a resin-impregnated canvas micarta handle for durability and comfort, embelleshed with an intricate mosaic crest. 





Small, versatile, and with a slim blade, the Paring Knife is an ideal precision prep partner. The maneuverable size of the Damascus-clad Japanese VG10 core blade is perfect for delicate tasks like peeling, coring, or pitting, and the gorgeous micarta handle is designed for ultimate comfort and durability.  The Kori Artisan Bread Knife is essential in any carb-loving kitchen. The razor-sharp serrations of the Japanese steel blade cut through loaves with ease – no crushing, tearing, or crumbing, leaving the beautiful insides intact. Even roasts, fruits, and vegetables can be sliced with smooth and clean precision.  




Durable, beautiful, and featuring superior performance, kitchen prep will fly by with this balanced and comfortable knife in hand. A great companion to your chef and paring knife, the wide blade of the Prep Knife is perfect for tasks like chopping fruits and veggies, portioning out meats, and slicing cheeses.
Handcrafted for beauty, function, and performance, the Kori Artisan Chef’s Knife is designed to conquer any challenge in the kitchen. Chop, slice, mince, dice, julienne, you name it! This go-to tool is agile, easy to handle, and with the half bolster design, you get full use of the blade and ease of re-sharpening.




With a Kori Artisan Nakiri in hand, preparing healthy meals is easier than ever. The cleaver-style blade makes quick work of any vegetable. Chop, slice, dice—it does it all in stylish speed! Looking for paper-thin cuts of radish or ginger? Look no further. The wide blade shape even makes moving food from the board to the bowl a cinch. Whether rhythmically chopping herbs or precisely slicing through proteins, the versatile shape of the Kori Santoku blade – similar to a kiritsuke – is perfect for preparing veggies, fruit, meat, and fish. The hollow ground edge allows food to fall effortlessly away from the blade rather than sticking, adding substance and style. 

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