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Taking over 60 steps to complete each knife, Kori Artisan knives are handcrafted to be the embodiment of precision, craftsmanship, and stark beauty. The name Kori represents ice, with the Artisan line harnessing the raw power of this natural element. As keen as a frozen shard, every Artisan knife is hand sharpened to a razor-like 13° per side, with a wide blade that offers superior knuckle clearance. The cutting core is Japanese VG10 super steel, surrounded by 36 layers of Damascus cladding, which is then finished in a traditional hammered style. Each Artisan knife features a resin-impregnated canvas micarta handle for durability and comfort, embellished with an intricate mosaic crest. Now Available at House of Knives in Canada. Shop Now

Kori Artisan Knives

  Kori Artisan Knives

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