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With 45 years of experience as a 4th generation family business, Work Sharp designs and builds every sharpener to exacting specs. They’re the original sharpening manufacturer to use flexible abrasive belts to sharpen, the same way knives are made. This superior technology creates durable and consistent edges on any knife, scissor, hatchet, or other blade. From sharpening outdoor and sporting tools, to fine-tuning your kitchen knives, Work Sharp has perfected the craft of sharpening and made it easy enough for anyone to do.

For outdoor tools, Work Sharp’s motto of “legacy, preparedness, and success” carries through in their products; from the Work Sharp Ken Onion Knife and Tool sharpener’s ability to craft knives from steel blanks, to the portable, manual Guided Field Sharpener to stay sharp when you’re out and about.

Work Sharp Culinary is the newest brand of high-end kitchen knife sharpeners, using the same award-winning flexible, abrasive belts to sharpen. Designed for ease of use, speed, and care of your high-quality knives, Work Sharp Culinary creates flawless edges that can get you those paper-thin slices of tomatoes.

Discover how easy it is to get a hair-splitting edge on your blades with Work Sharp tools!

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