Choosing the Right Knife


Each style of knife has a unique shape and is designed specifically to suit its function.


TURNING KNIFE 2" - 4" [view here]




The curve of the blade is designed for peeling and processing round fruits and vegetables, making it an ideal garnishing tool.



PARING KNIFE 2.5" - 4.5" [view here]




A small all-purpose knife used to trim, core, and slice small fruits and vegetables. It can also be used to mince garlic.

UTILITY KNIFE 5" - 7" [view here]




A mid-sized knife between the paring and chef's knife, the utility knife is used to slice cold cuts, mushrooms, and medium-sized fruits and vegetables. It's also referred to as a sandwich knife.


TOMATO KNIFE 5" - 7" [view here]




The serrated edge allows you to slice through the tough skin of a tomato. It's also great for cold cuts and small breads such as baguettes or bagels. Some tomato knives have a forked tip to help pick up the slices when you're done.


BONING KNIFE 5" - 6" [view here]




The narrow blade is designed for separating flesh from the bones of meats and poultry. The stiff but narrow "S" shaped blade is perfect for following the contours of bones and cartilage when de-breasting chicken or de-boning pork or beef.



FILLETING KNIFE 5" - 8" [view here]




The extremely sharp and flexible blade is ideal for filleting fish or slicing lox. The blade shape may resemble either a boning knife or a utility knife.

BREAD KNIFE 8" - 12" [view here]




Serrated or scalloped edged slicers are perfect for breads or any foods with tough skins or crusts protecting soft interiors such as tomatoes, large cantaloupes, watermelons, or pineapples.



CARVING KNIFE 8" - 12" [view here]




A long knife with a relatively narrow blade and a sharp tip for thinly slicing or carving poultry, roast, or ham. It can also be used for slicing large fruits or vegetables and filleting large fish.


MEAT SLICER 10" - 12" [view here]




A ham slicer has a long thin blade for carving roast, ham, turkey and other foods. Unlike a carving knife, the ham slicer has a rounded tip for safety. Some ham slicers have Granton edges for less sticking when carving meats and poultry.


SALMON SLICER 8" - 12" [view here]




The salmon slicer features a long, thin, and flexible blade for filleting salmon and other large fish in one continuous stroke or for cutting paper thin slices of lox.


CHEF'S KNIFE 6" - 12" [view here]




Also known as a cook's or French knife, the chef's knife is the most versatile and indispensable "workhorse" of all knives. In a pinch, it can be used for virtually any type of cutting task. The wide blade lets you chop, slice, and dice without your knuckles hitting the cutting board.



SANTOKU 6.5" - 8" [view here]




Often used like a chef's knife to cut and slice meats, vegetables and fish, the Santoku is an Asian-style knife with a rounder tip and thinner blade than a chef's knife. Some Santokus feature a Granton edge, with indentations along the length of the blade, to create air pockets when slicing for less sticking of foods.


MEAT CLEAVER 6" - 8" [view here]




A heavy blade that will chop through any joints or bones. The flat side of the blade can also be used to crush garlic.


VEGETABLE CLEAVER 6" - 7" [view here]




With a thinner edge than the meat cleaver, the vegetable cleaver is ideal for slicing fruits, vegetables, and bonless meats. The wide blade can also be used to scoop the ingredients off the cutting board and into the cooking pot.


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