Nite Ize Inova Series

Already known for years as one of the leaders in flashlight design and technology, Inova has refused to settle. Under the new leadership of Nite Ize, Inova has stepped up their game in the past two years. As a company, Inova has always stood for high quality, extremely durable flashlights for military, law enforcement, and everyday users alike. Their lights, using some of the thickest aircraft aluminum out of any light on the market today, stand up to the rigors of tactical use better than most consumer-grade lights, and for this reason, you can think of Inova as a professional grade light that you can count on, day in and day out. Since joining forces with Nite Ize, Inova lights have improved dramatically. With their X series lights, this is as simple as vastly improving packaging for more accurate information and additional ratings. With their T series lights, they have kept cranking out more and more lumens with improved technology, along with a more consumer-friendly packaging. Additional functions have been built into the tailcap: different intensity modes for the perfect balance between brightness and battery longevity, and a flashing strobe function for tactical or signalling use. For those serious about illumination, Inova is an excellent balance between function and value.

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