Kamo Suminagashi 135mm Petty Knife (G-AD135PY-KE)

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The Kamo 135mm Petty Knife is a small Japanese utility knife, similar to a Western paring knife. Due to its maneuverable size, this petty knife is best suited to medium sized prep work, chopping and mincing smaller ingredients, or being used for hand-held tasks. Slice ginger, green onion, and delicate ingredients with this razor-sharp blade.

Handcrafted and forged by Japanese blacksmith Shiro Kamo, each knife has an Aogami Blue Paper #2 carbon steel core, surrounded by 10 layers of Damascus-cladding. Extremely lightweight and razor-sharp, Kamo knives are a pleasure to use and perform flawlessly. These Kamo Suminagashi knives feature an octagonal Pakkawood and Keyaki handle. Keyaki, meaning wood from the Zelkova tree, is highly prized in Japan for its beautiful grain and versatility. Each knife by Shiro Kamo is finished with a traditional engraving, making these knives an authentic piece of Japanese culture. This knife belongs to the set of Suminagashi knives forged by Shiro Kamo and Hideo Kitaoka.


This knife is made with a very hard carbon steel, which will hold a sharp edge for longer, but can rust or chip without proper care and use. 
To care for your knife:

  • Always handwash and thoroughly hand-dry your knife.
  • Wipe your knife down while you’re cooking, especially after cutting acidic foods.
  • Lightly coat your knife with mineral oil before storing.
  • Never store your knife wet, or allow it to soak in water.
  • Never place knife in a dishwasher.
  • Do not cut bones, frozen products, pits.
  • Do not twist, chop, hit, or pry with your knife. Always use in a locomotive slicing motion.
  • Do not use a marble or glass cutting board. Always use a soft cutting board, such as wood.
  • Do not use a metal honing steel. We recommend using a ceramic honing steel.


Due to the nature of handcrafting and traditional blacksmithing, each knife is unique and may have some cosmetic distortion or irregularities. This is expected and normal. Because these knives are handcrafted, they do not qualify for warranty services.

Features and Specifications

Aogami Blue Paper #2 Carbon Steel with 10 layers of carbon cladding
Edge Angle:
16 degrees
Hand forged
Handle Material:
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